Communicating threat intelligence to management

mnemonic security podcast

Nov 29 2021 • 46 mins

Communicating threat intelligence to management

For this episode, Robby has invited someone with a unique expertise of the threat landscape in the finance industry. Freddy works as a Senior Threat Intelligence Analyst at the Nordic Financial CERT, a nonprofit organisation owned by the financial institutions in Norway, Sweden, Demark, Finland and Iceland.

By receiving data from and supporting their 220 member financial institutions on tasks like incident response, anti-fraud and threat intelligence, the Nordic Financial CERT has a one of a kind overview of the threat these organisations are facing.

Freddy shares with Robby how they work to make sure their members are defending themselves against their most relevant threat actors, how they approach intelligence, and translating technical analyses to a language understood by the entire business.

They also discuss what the data the Nordic Financial CERT has access to can tell us about changes in the ecosystem of organised crime groups targeting financial institutions.

Producer: Paul Jæger