Control Validation & Cyber Insurance

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Mar 28 2022 • 34 mins

Control Validation & Cyber Insurance

How can private-sector cyber insurers accurately understand and price risk?

To discuss this and the critical role insurance can play in risk mitigation strategy, we’re joined by Levi Gundert, Senior Vice President of Global Intelligence at the cybersecurity company Recorded Future.

Levi shares from his vast experience from the industry, from previous roles as VP of Cyber Threat Intelligence at Fidelity Investments, Technical Leader at Cisco Talos, Principal Analyst at Team Cymru and US Secret Service Special Agent within the Los Angeles Electronic Crimes Task Force (ECTF).

He’s joining the podcast to discuss his recent paper “A New Cyber Insurance Model: Continuous Control Validation”, analysing the current state of the cyber insurance market and providing a new framework for insurers to evaluate risk.

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Produced by Paul Jæger