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Contact Chai is a podcast from Mishkan Chicago, hosted by Rabbi Lizzi Heydemann. In each episode, Rabbi Lizzi explores down-to-earth Judaism in conversation. You can also find our Shabbat Replay episodes featuring sermons from our rabbis recorded live on Friday nights.

Plantsitting For The Planet
Jul 27 2022
Plantsitting For The Planet
High Holidays are just around the corner, and Mishkan Builders will have early access to tickets. Join or renew today before early access tickets go live next week! ****On July 22nd, the rain held off just long enough for us to get through our climate themed outdoor Friday Night Shabbat Service. Could it have been the work of our old friend Honi the Circle Maker? Listen on to Rabbi Deena’s drash to hear the deets — it starts at [34:34]. This episode is a lightly abbreviated version of our entire service, filled with singing and inspiration. If you’re looking a particular song or message, jump to the time code below. Welcome:[01:30] — “Today I Almost Killed A Friend’s Plant…” — (R’Steven)[07:00] — Lechu Neranena L'Adonai — (ft. Davening Team)[10:36] — Shiru L'Adonai — (Davening Team)[12:47] — Mizmor L’David — (Davening Team)Message:[16:21] — Where Is God In This? — (R’Lizzi)[22:05] — Lecha Dodi (Leonard Cohen) — (Davening Team)[27:31] — Psalm 92 / Mah Gad Lu — (Davening Team)[29:55] — Reflections On Our Israel Trip — (ft. R’Lizzi)[32:31] — Hashkiveinu (Steven Chaitman) — (Davening Team)Drash:[34:34] — Honi The Circle-Maker — (R’Deena)[46:13] — We Rise (Batya Levine) — (Davening Team)[49:01] — V'hashevota (Shir Yaakov) — (Davening Team)[50:58] — Thank you, Jane Charney and Mark Achler! [54:14] — Psalm 150 / Kol Haneshamah (Davening Team)****For upcoming Shabbat services and programs, check our event calendar, and see our Accessibility & Inclusion page for information about our venues. Follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook for more updates.Produced by Mishkan Chicago. Music composed, produced, and performed by Kalman Strauss.Transcript of Drash