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Sharing Grief, Sharing Hope — Israelis and Palestinians in Conversation
May 8 2024
Sharing Grief, Sharing Hope — Israelis and Palestinians in Conversation
This episode is a recording of a conversation held today, May 8th, led by Rabbi Lizzi who was joined by two members of the Parents Circle, an organization of Israelis and Palestinians who have lost loved ones to war and are working together toward peace.Laila Alsheikh lives in Bethlehem in the West Bank. In 2002, her 6 months old son, Qussay, became ill and Israeli soldiers prevented Layla from taking him to the hospital for more than five hours. Qussay soon died from the lack of timely treatment. Laila joined the Parents Circle in 2016. Following her son’s death, she never thought of revenge, but rather has devoted her time and energy to ensuring a better, more peaceful future for her children.Ofer Lior lives in the Western Galilee, Israel. He has spent his career facilitating and coordinating joint activities between Israelis and Palestinians, most recently coordinating the Center for Learning and Dialogue in the Nes-Ammim community in the North of Israel. Ofer’s brother Oren was killed in 1989 during his time in reserve duty at the Jordanian border. He has been active in the Parents Circle for about 15 years and has participated in many Dialogue Meetings.****For upcoming Shabbat services and programs, check our event calendar, and see our Accessibility & Inclusion page for information about our venues. Follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook for more updates.Produced by Mishkan Chicago. Music composed, produced, and performed by Kalman Strauss.Transcript