Teenage prodigy who turned down Facebook as a 15 YO to take them on in VR - Unai Founder Maxim Perumal

Secret Leaders with Dan Murray-Serter

Mar 7 2023 • 46 mins

Maxim Perumal is the Founder of Unai and we think he’s a certifiable genius. He’s certainly one of the most exciting Founders we’ve ever spoken to - he built the world’s most popular open source VR headset when he was 15 years old, and turned down working at Meta. His company Unai is building a VR headset and virtual world to make human expression in VR feel magical, which is a bold claim but he’s got the people to do it.  Maxim has managed to bring together a crack team of ridiculously qualified VR talent who believe in him, a young man who’s only just able to drink in the States. We think you’ll find him compelling too. He’s got a great explanation for why the likes of Meta have been failing with VR and their version of the metaverse. But he also hints at a more exciting alternative. Listen to find out.  We'd love your feedback hello@secretleaders.com Sponsor links: evelyn.com/secretleaders/ vorboss.com/secretleaders personio.com/secretleaders vanta.com/secretleaders