Episode 39. Jospeh Hughes, Owner/Chairman, Shipowner Claims Bureau Inc.

The Last Dinosaur

Apr 18 2023 • 24 mins

Welcome aboard "The Last Dinosaur," the podcast that keeps you up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in the maritime industry. In this episode, we're delighted to have Joseph E.M. Hughes, Chairman, Shipowners Claims Bureau, Inc., Managers for The American P&I Club.

On this episode of "Tell Me More Tuesday," Joe takes us on a fascinating journey through the world of marine insurance. Despite being a vast topic, Joe does an excellent job of explaining it in simple terms, making it easy for our listeners to grasp.

We begin with a succinct history of how P and I insurance became a major player in global maritime trade. Joe then goes on to discuss the different types of marine insurance, including the functions and significance of clubs and their managers.

Join us for this informative and engaging discussion about a critical yet often-overlooked aspect of the maritime industry. Don't forget to leave us a 5-star review and follow the show for more fascinating insights into the world of shipping.

As always, wishing you fair winds and following seas.