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Patricia Raskin, host, interviews medical professionals from Southcoast Health and patients with first-hand accounts. The goal is to help and inspire listeners to navigate their health journey with knowledge, comfort, and ease. The Healthy Aging with Southcoast Health podcast helps listeners to manage their health to live a longer and healthier life. read less
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Surgical Precision with Heart: Navigating Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting
Sep 25 2023
Surgical Precision with Heart: Navigating Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting
Dr. Iraklis Gerogiannis, Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Southcoast Health, shares insightful information on cardiovascular surgery prevention, and the peace of mind you should have about Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting and other procedures that have been around for many years. The longer a surgery or procedure has been around the longer the medical community has been able to modify, perfect, and reduce risks. Modern medicine can help those who have been dealt defective genes, who have a heart disease, or diabetes. But you have to ask for the help. You need to see your doctor regularly. You wouldn’t miss your mammogram so don’t miss your annual check-up with your primary doctor because they screen for risk factors and can see differences from year to year in your tests.   Hear from Terri Monteiro, a patient who was referred to Dr. G after having trouble breathing going uphill at a concert. It turned out she had blockages and Dr. G was just the surgeon to fix this issue. Terri is grateful for the way he and his staff treated Terri and supported her family through a scary time. Terri had ignored some of the warning signs thinking they were due to menopause. Dr. G confirmed in the past the medical community would do the same. They started to notice men get the classic “Hollywood” symptoms we see in the movies while women’s symptoms are more subtle. Women’s focus is on breast cancer and early detection when maybe it should be shifted to heart disease and the subtle symptoms women can expect. This is also the reason we lose more women to heart disease than men. Tune in to the full episode to learn More! Learn More at
Bariatric Surgery: A Head Start On Your Weight Loss Journey
Sep 19 2023
Bariatric Surgery: A Head Start On Your Weight Loss Journey
Who is the appropriate patient to entertain Gastric Bypass or a sleeve Gastronomy? Dr. Huaco joined us to explain the appropriate patients that he would recommend this surgery to. One of the most obvious reasons is if you are obese. But Dr. Huaco broke down what obesity means and at what point could this be an option. He’s very careful to point out that this is not just because someone eats too much. there are many factors that play into how we gain weight like hormones, environmental factors, and genes. He does warn there’s work to be done after the surgery like Maintain Diet restrictions Protein, low sugar, low carbs ExerciseAdequate hydration His patient Darlene Boutin shared her experience from 2019. She was transparent that it has been work but she’s so thankful to have had the surgery. She also helps bariatric patients pre and post-op! She loves the success stories and they both love supporting struggling patients because they know the impact the weight loss has on someone's life. Darlene takes advantage of all the support and encourages patients to… Go the the nurse education workshopsAttend follow-up appointmentsGo to nutritional appointmentsGet labs done when neededAnd join the support groups And nowadays the surgery is done laparoscopically, led by Dr. Huaco’s knowledge. This makes post-op recovery quick without the large scars of the past. If you have considered this procedure in the past it may be time to listen in and get all the details of what to expect. Learn More at