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Episode #200: Wesley Cantrell – Sales as a Profession
Aug 17 2023
Episode #200: Wesley Cantrell – Sales as a Profession
Overseeing 8,000 employees creates unique vantage points for assessing business. Wesley uses his career background to support the notion that professional selling is a noble calling, and that this career path is loaded with premier leadership opportunities. We are honored that Wes joins us to highlight, and define, key elements of the profession that many of us are proud to be associated with. This is a great episode to share with anyone still contemplating their potential career path. We have segmented this 1:37:00 podcast into sections that can be accessed quickly and efficiently. We have listed the time markers, and section headings below. Enjoy the show!00:01: Introduction05:57: The Awakening09:21: The Cornerstone10:40: The “Character” Factor15:41: Hiring Good Character22:15: Developing Human Relation Skills28:06: Developing Leaders34:30: The “Good Name” Factor39:12: Evangelizing Truth45:10: Developing Public Speaking Skills51:28: The Personal Skill-Building Mindset1:02:04 Developing Strategic Planners1:09:41: Genuine Enthusiasm1:16:52: Advice for Career Selection1:24:32: Tipping Points1:33:34: Closing & The Special Song From the Shop Floor to the Top Floor – Releasing the CEO Withinby Wesley E. Cantrell High-Performance Ethics: 10 Timeless Principles for Next-Generation Leadershipby Wesley E. Cantrell Her Husband is Known in the Gatesby Bernadine Bigner Cantrell Cantrell/dp/161579557X Bending the Twigby Bernadine B. Cantrell Cantrell/dp/096470286XSupport the show