The Spin - Season 2 Episode 4: All About Culture

The Spin

Feb 22 2021 • 51 mins

Season 2

Episode 4: All About Culture

In this episode we were excited to be joined by
Hilton Barbour to chat about all things culture.

Hilton is a marketer by training who explores the intersection of strategy and culture. As his website explains, if strategy is the engine culture is the fuel.

We talk through what we mean by culture, how it can impact an organization and share our perspectives on why it’s important.

Hilton provides a couple of definitions of culture, but the one that really resonated was “it’s what happens at the edges of your organization on your worst day” – and let’s admit we’ve had a few bad days recently with this darn pandemic! Also, Kristen would have mentioned an old Netflix culture presentation you can find here if interested!

We hope you enjoy it.

The big Spin giveaway

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High low end of the show

We covered a lot of ground in this week’s high low …

Here is the link to White Fragility and Conscious Leadership. And here is the link to the course Kristen is doing.

Until next time!

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