The Spin Season 2 - Episode 1: Balancing intent and impact

The Spin

Sep 13 2020 • 30 mins


Welcome to Season 2 of The Spin. We learnt a lot in Season 1 and had a lot of fun along the way, so we’re excited to get to Season 2 where we’ll introduce some new features alongside the tried and tested!

One particular new feature will be more audience participation including welcoming friends of The Spin to the show.

In our first episode we met with Meghan Gardner – ex-colleague of Mark’s and colleague of Kristen’s … plus a friend (once Mark painted Meghan into that corner!).

In this episode Meghan shares her perspective on how good leaders maintain a deliberate balance between their intent and the impact.

Balancing intent and impact

We like to think people have good intentions and in the majority of cases they do, but if you don’t consider the impact on your actions, how can you be confident your intentions landed in the right way?

Intent is the input but could be influenced by our own assumptions. Impact is the output - how something was received by the other person.

As we discuss in the pod, being conscious of both will help ensure you are in balance and we agree with Meghan … that is what makes a good leader (and a good person!).

Take aways

A few tips or take aways … well 3 to be precise!

  1. Be conscious of your intent– take the time to think about it and remember words matter
  2. Put yourself in other people’s shoes– this is a great technique to try and understand how your intent could be received by the other party
  3. Make sure you find a balance– don’t spend too much time thinking about intent (like ‘need to make sure everyone is happy’ Mark) but be careful not to jump to action too quickly (like ‘Action Man’ Butcher!)

High, low, end of the show

We both had sad news to share in our lows plus the usual diversity to our end of the shows … and no Mark still hasn’t seen ET!

Until next time!

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