The Spin - Season 2 Episode 8 - Generation Nation – What do millennials know anyway?

The Spin

Dec 4 2021 • 36 mins

Season 2

Episode 8: Generation Nation – What do millennials know anyway?

Another opportunity to be face to face with Kristen proudly wearing a half grown moustache – more on that below – for an episode of The Spin talking about generations.

Inspired by an October NYT article, we explored the five different generations in the workplace including:

  1. Traditionalists or Silent Generation - 1945 and before
  2. Baby Boomers - 1946-1964
  3. Generation X - 1965-1976
  4. Millennials or Gen Y - 1977-1995
  5. Generation Z or iGen or Centennials - 1996-now

With Mark being a proud Gen X (or is that an Z?) and Kristen just getting in there as a millennial, we shared our experiences that have informed (or misinformed) the generational labels.

We also shared some take aways for organizations:

  • Ensure you can use the labels to inform an attraction strategy
  • If you’re leading a team find the commonalities rather than extenuating the differences
  • Encourage team members to treat everyone as individuals
  • Consider having an impact statement

And for individuals we encouraged building awareness and challenging assumptions of others.

High low end of the show

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  • If you’d like to read Mark’s ramblings about COP26 and the environment, read this.

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