We don't often find other female Superfans who are as passionate as we are about Ba Ba Booey and Hit 'em with the Hein! We're here to find fellow Superfans who want to talk all things Howard. We will look back at episodes and Stern Show History through a female lens. Let's get this party started!

The Pa Pa Podcast is not affiliated in any way to the #howardsternshow - we are an independent superfan tribute made by fans, for fans.

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Our Editor's Take

Howard Stern is an icon. His show is legendary, and his divisive nature is well-known, too. The Pa Pa Podcast highlights the good, the bad, and everything else about Howard Stern. This show is about the man himself and his famous show.

Hosted by two female superfans, Lori Levine and Lisa Levett, this podcast examines Stern fandom like never before. It features discussions about Stern as a person and recaps episodes of his show. It also features guest callers and special interviews for more insight. Regardless of the topic, listeners can be sure Howard Stern is at the center of it.

What do the hosts of this show think makes this podcast unique and special? They're interpreting Stern's commentary from a feminine perspective. These women are on a quest to chat about Stern. But they've got a greater mission than that. They strive to seek out fellow female superfans. Each episode is a must-listen for those who love Stern or want to hear about him. The hosts are high-energy and obsessed. This combination creates a fun and compelling listen with many hilarious antics.

Episodes are usually anywhere from 20 to 50 minutes long. Segments aren't episodic, so listeners can hear them in any order. Fans can listen to The Pa Pa Podcast episodes now on Amazon Music.

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