47. Adaptability, Extremely Fast Growth And How To Hire Amazing People - Kati Tammisto

Nordic Leaders

Sep 28 2021 • 27 mins

In this episode, recorded in June 2021 our guest is Kati Tammisto, (then Head of CX at Sympa and now) CMO at Precisely. Kati is a modern leader with an entrepreneurial background who puts people front and centre in everything she does.

Kati shares her insights on working in 'extremely fast growth' environments and the adaptability and flexibility that one needs to operate therein. She also explains the importance of recruitment and how to lead excellent people in growth companies.

"What we all need is to be led as individuals"

"The game today? Everything is fast. You can fail fast, but you can also succeed quite fast."

"We need to all be understanding the need to adapt and he need to change your own thinking and your attitude"

Our conversation includes;

  • how the 'adaptability mindset' works in extremely fast-growth companies
  • Kati discusses how to treat and lead people at work, and how to build a team; 'an open puzzle', which requires 'filling the spaces with mouldable pieces'; great people can put the right skills on the table, at the right time
  • Diversity and understanding, 'there's so much in what other people can bring to the table, especially when they're coming from diverse environments'
  • Kati offers some tools for hiring great people, plus a rather unique, 'crystal ball' recruitment ingredient at Sympa, as well as some wonderful interview questions to steal.... What questions reveal the most about a person? And what to look for in a candidate?