53 - How improv principles can help leaders thrive in a changing environment - Patricia Ryan Madson

Nordic Leaders

Nov 23 2021 • 30 mins

This week we host Patricia Ryan Madson.

Patricia is the author of "improv wisdom" and a professor emerita at Stanford university, where she started teaching in 1977.

In 1996 she founded the creativity initiative at Stanford, an interdisciplinary Alliance of faculty who share the belief that creativity can be taught.

Among other things she taught Design Improv for the School of Engineering and has been a guest lecturer for the renowned Stanford Technology Ventures Program and for the Mayfield Fellows Program.

In the episode today we learn all her wisdom, not just about improvisation but about a lot more.

We discussed with her

  • 1:57 - How can improvisation make us more innovative
  • 7:51 - What can leaders learn from improv techniques
  • 13:45 - How aiming for average can boost innovation
  • 20:43 - How to be comfortable with ambiguity
  • 24:10 - Why you should pay more attention to gratitude

Tune in and have your weekly dose of insights in the world of leadership.

Music by Shane Ivers - Spark of inspiration