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From Vines to Vinyl: Aaron Jackson’s Life in Notes and Tannins

Beats Vines and Life

Apr 8 2024 • 1 hr 26 mins

Welcome to another episode of "Beats Vines & Life," where the rhythm of music meets the richness of wine culture. Today's episode features a special and insightful conversation with the innovative winemaker, Aaron Jackson.

Join us as we uncork the story behind his unique wine blend, “The Trespasser” which started in 2010, and his journey from a passionate youth to an established name in the wine industry.

Aaron shares his excitement for the ever-evolving winemaking process, the highs, the challenges, and the way climate change is stirring the pot. He invites us all for a toast and a trip down to their winery in Tin City, Paso, while relishing the deep, enduring connection between wine and its connoisseurs.

Host MJ Towler dives into Aaron's technique, philosophy, and passionate drive that led him to specialize in the Petite Sirah variety. Alongside discussions on blending artistry and winery challenges of today, Aaron's tale serves as a beacon for aspiring young entrepreneurs in the industry.

So pour yourself a glass, settle in, and let the blend of conversation and discovery flow. This is "Beats Vines & Life," and we're about to taste the stories that make wines—and life—truly extraordinary.


This episode’s wines: 2021 Aequorea Pinot Noir San Luis Obispo

2021 Aaron Wines “The Trespasser”

2021 Aaron Wines Petite Sirah

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Until next time, cheers to the mavericks, philosophers, deep thinkers, and wine drinkers!

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