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Tempo of Terroir: Music, Wine, and Randall Grahm's Legacy.

Beats Vines and Life

May 13 2024 • 1 hr 44 mins

Welcome to another captivating episode of "Beats Vines & Life," where we blend the rich worlds of music, wine, and personal journeys. Today's episode features the intriguing Randall Grahm, a vintner and trailblazer in the wine industry, renowned for founding Bonny Doon Vineyard and his innovative approaches to winemaking.

In this session, we dive into Randall's colorful background, starting from his youthful days in Los Angeles to his philosophical studies at UC Santa Cruz, and how these experiences shaped his visionary pursuits in the world of wine.

Randall shares heartfelt stories about his family, including the significant influence of his music-loving grandfather and his mother's unexpected role in his business. We'll explore Randall's radical shift from aspiring to produce the great American Pinot Noir to his love affair with Rhône varieties, and his current endeavors with the Language of Yes project in Modesto.

Throughout the episode, Randall reflects on the evolution of LA, his transformative college years, and his profound experiences with wines that eventually led him to a life dedicated to viticulture.

Join us as we uncork the essence of creativity and heritage with Randall Grahm, and perhaps, discover a renewed appreciation for the art and story behind every bottle.


This episode’s wines: 2023 The Language of Yes “Les Fruits Rouge” Pink Wine

2022 The Language of Yes Grenache Rancho Réal

2022 The Language of Yes “Cuvée Sinso” Red Wine

2022 The Language of Yes Syrah Rancho Réal

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Until next time, cheers to the mavericks, philosophers, deep thinkers, and wine drinkers!

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