Totally Rad Christmas!

Gerry D

It's a show about the raddest time of year in the baddest decade ever! That's right! We talk all things Christmas in the '80s to the max! Toys, movies, specials, music, books, games, fashion, and fads--if it was gnarly during Christmas in the '80s, we got it covered!
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Ep 104 - Transformers pt1 (w/ Gaz and Dange)
Ep 104 - Transformers pt1 (w/ Gaz and Dange)Ep 103 - Santa '85 (w/ Scott & Anthony)Ep 102 - Christmas in Tattertown (w/ Robbie Sherman)Ep 101 - The Night They Saved Christmas (w/ Alonso Duralde)Ep 100 - Frosty the Snowman 100th Episode Spectacular (w/ Mike and Matt)Thanksgiving Episode 2021 - Rocky (w/ Josh Allen)Ep 99 - Silent Night, Deadly Night (w/ Chuy)Ep 98 - Rendlesham Forest Incident (w/ Kelly McMillan)Ep 97 - Christmas Comes to Pac-Land (w/ Jeff Loftin)Ep 96 - Amazing Spider-Man #314 (w/ Adam Parker Sibun)Ep 95 - Murder, She Wrote (w/ Michelle Kidwell)Jingle Jank Podcast: A Midnight Christmas MessEp 94 - The Karate Kid and Cobra Kai (w/ Danny Davila)Ep 93 - Family Ties pt1 (w/ Ed Daly)Halloween 2021 Episode 5 - Night Court (w/ Kris and Chris)Halloween 2021 Episode 4 - It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown & The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (w/ The Volcanics)Halloween 2021 Episode 3 - The Lost Boys pt 1 (w/ James LJ and Crespo)Ep 92 - The Legend of Zelda (w/ Chad and Mike)Ep 91 - Top of the Pops: A Very Special Christmas (w/ Duane Bailey)Halloween 2021 Episode 2 - A Nightmare on Elm Street (w/ Matt McGrath)