AI-Powered Marketing: Bridging the Gap Between Data and Art with Branden Cobb

Seek Go Create

Sep 4 2023 • 59 mins

In this episode of Seek Go Create, host Tim Winders sits down with marketing expert Branden Cobb, an innovative business educator. They dive into the fascinating world of artificial intelligence and its impact on various industries, particularly marketing. From the fear of job replacement to the power of AI in content creation, Branden shares valuable insights and thought-provoking perspectives. Discover how AI is reshaping the marketing landscape, the importance of adaptability, and the possibilities for creating personalized ads. Join us as we explore the captivating intersection of AI and marketing on Seek Go Create with Tim Winders and Branden Cobb.

"Marketing could be one of the biggest beneficiaries of AI, just because of the generative portion of creating content. The human is still the pilot and AI is the co-pilot, but you're still giving instructions and it's just speeding up the process, maybe eliminating the need for some specialist positions." - Branden Cobb

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About Our Guest:

Branden Cobb is a passionate advocate for companies that make a positive impact on the world. His mission is to support these businesses in their growth and profitability so that they can continue to add value on a larger scale. While many might associate value with charitable endeavors, Branden believes it extends beyond that. Whether it's a product, service, efficiency, or convenience, if it contributes positively to society, he is eager to assist these companies in improving and expanding their reach. Through his expertise and guidance, Branden empowers these organizations to keep scaling their valuable offerings.

Reasons to Listen:

  • Decipher the influential role of AI in rewriting the rules of the marketing industry.
  • Peer into the job market of the future, particularly in the sphere of marketing.
  • Recognize the compelling necessity to engrain technology in today's marketing practices.
  • Navigate the often perplexing road to quantify the returns on marketing initiatives.
  • Become conversant with the harmonious blend of creativity and analytical thinking in devising marketing strategies.

Episode Highlights:

00:00:00 - Introduction

The host introduces the podcast and the guest, Branden Cobb, a marketing and profit driving executive. They discuss the focus of the podcast on challenging conventional definitions of success and exploring stories of transformation in leadership, business, and ministry.

00:02:41 - Coolest Gig: Not Impossible Labs

Branden shares his experience working with Not Impossible Labs, a company that seeks to solve medical problems with cheap and easy hacks. They created innovative solutions like eye-tracking glasses for a paralyzed artist and a vibration system for deaf people to experience music. The company also partnered with big brands to highlight their positive impact on the world.

00:07:42 - AI in Marketing

Branden discusses the impact of AI on the marketing industry, particularly in content creation and personalization. AI can generate ads tailored to specific customer personas and create thousands of variations for display ads. While some jobs like graphic design and copywriting may be at risk, new jobs will be created to oversee and direct AI.

00:11:56 - Future of Work in Marketing

Branden addresses concerns about job displacement due to AI. He explains that while certain jobs may be replaced, new jobs will emerge in managing AI systems. Graphic designers, copywriters, and even actors in Hollywood are at risk, but the shift in job skills will likely create more thoughtful and creative roles.

00:15:22 - Final Thoughts

The conversation about AI concludes with a reminder that technology...