Unlocking the Power of Authentic Communication with Greta Muller

Seek Go Create

Jun 5 2023 • 1 hr 2 mins

From the bright lights of the stage to the boardroom, Greta Muller's journey took an unexpected turn when a tragic injury forced her to reevaluate her life's work. But what she discovered in the midst of her recovery would change the way she approached communication forever. Brace yourself for the plot twist that led Greta to become one of the leading advocates for authentic communication. What she learned could change the way you connect with others.

How hard do you want to make them work to buy whatever it is you're selling?- Greta Muller

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About Our Guest:

Greta Muller is a seasoned speaker coach with over 24 years of experience in empowering professionals and non-professionals alike. With a unique methodology developed from her extensive career as an actor, spokeswoman, and talent coach for television news and sports anchors, Greta has made it her mission to encourage and nurture the authenticity and individuality of her clients. Greta has a keen understanding of the importance of appearance and presentation when it comes to connecting with an audience, making her an expert in helping others hone their communication skills.

Reasons to Listen:

  • Grasp the significance of genuine interaction in achieving effective communication.
  • Tackle the anxiety linked to public speaking and elevate your confidence.
  • Uncover the potential of vulnerability in forging meaningful connections.
  • Embrace the pursuit of truth and authenticity for attaining personal development.
  • Design purposeful relationships that pave the way for success.

Episode Highlights:

00:00:00 - Introduction,

Host Tim Winders welcomes guest Greta Muller, an experienced speaker coach and author of the book, "Opening Your Presence." The conversation will focus on how to be a better communicator, primarily from stage and in front of cameras.

00:03:57 - Appearance Matters,

Appearance is the strongest message we send, and it's the longest lasting impression we make. Greta explains that how we dress is the first step we take to prepare ourselves for what is in front of us. The way we present ourselves matters, and it's not about looking beautiful or like a fashion model, but about looking appropriate for the situation.

00:08:26 - Relating to the Audience,

When performing or speaking, it's essential to gear your delivery towards your audience. You should show respect and concern for that person and make it easy for them to buy or understand what you're selling. Always find a genuine part of your personality that can relate to the person you're addressing.

00:11:46 - Greta's Story,

Greta comes from a family of storytellers and was always a performer. She majored in theater in college and ended up in television and commercials. She discusses how her career changed around 38-40, a woman's career changes, and how her phone rang, leading her to become a broadcast coaching company.

00:15:23 - Becoming a Mentor,

Greta Muller talks about how coaching can help people navigate life's challenges. She sees herself more as a mentor and trusted advisor, helping people become their best selves.

00:16:41 - Breaking the Stereotype of Anchor Coaches,

Greta Muller mentions that many people think only good-looking people with excellent reading skills become anchor coaches. She explains how she tries to coach people to be more conversational and relatable instead of robotic.

00:19:20 - Tailoring Coaching to Personality,

Greta Muller discusses how every news station has a different style, culture, and personality. As a coach, she tailors her services to each individual client, keeping in mind their unique needs.

00:25:04 - Redefining Success After an...