Digital Marketing Services: How to be Authentic, Creative, and Strategic with Meredith Kallaher

Seek Go Create

May 16 2022 • 1 hr 6 mins

The new normal has stressed the importance of digital marketing — now more than ever. People now go online for almost everything. It is no wonder that more and more businesses need to utilize digital marketing services to get traction. In this episode, Meredith Kallaher shares her expertise on using social media channels and their digital marketing services to expand your brand's reach and drive more sales. She thoroughly discusses the importance of engaging with your audience online. Meredith also talks about her shift from a CPA at her "dream job" to building her digital advertising agency.  If you want to know how to utilize digital marketing services to engage your audience, expand your reach, and drive sales, this episode is for you! 3 Reasons To Listen:Discover how Meredith made the big move from CPA to owning her digital advertising agency Learn the importance of engaging with your audience in social media Know the best ways to use digital marketing services to expand your reach and drive sales Resources (The Only 5 Content Topics a Business Needs to Post on Instagram for Account Growth in 2022) by Meredith Kallaher (How To Write Your Business's Brand Story) by Meredith Kallaher (Email Copywriting Tips to Convert Subscribers to Customers) by Meredith Kallaher Read Meredith Kallaher’s other articles in her (blog). (Episode Details) Episode Highlights[02:41] Knowing Your Audience You are allowed to sell your product to whoever and wherever you want.   Identifying your niche market or your audience is for marketing purposes only. Knowing your target audience helps create more authentic content. It’s good to start with one specific target audience and then build your niche audience. [07:17] Building Your Campaign Do not build your business on one organic social campaign. A diversified marketing plan is the best move.  Try other platforms (i.e., email lists). [09:41] Meredith’s Journey In Digital Marketing Meredith started with a locally-owned magazine franchise, Scout Guide Miami, where she began learning about marketing on Facebook and Instagram.  Afterward, she partnered with a woman on an online course, “Instagram Strategy for Busy Doctors,” which she sold through webinars and masterclasses.  Meredith decided to launch her business after the local stint.  She took classes and got certified as a Facebook and Instagram Ad Manager. [12:21] “And I saw the power to run [a] digital ad campaign on any platform. You really want to analyze the results and all your numbers and that number component plus the creativity and just the magic of Facebook and Instagram ads launched me. I decided to launch my own business. - (Click Here to Tweet This)[14:23] Redefining Success: From CPA to Digital Marketer Meredith used to be a CPA and worked at her dream job at PricewaterhouseCoopers for six years.  Our natural progression is to go where we excel in school. Meredith, however, decided to leave and pursue what made her happy.  The move came from the drive to create value. People either make a concerted effort to change, or something external pushes them. [23:25] Authenticity in Social Media You don’t have to be on social media if you don’t want to. You’re under no obligation to share anything. Business owners do not have to be on social media to operate a business.  Social media is a great tool to optimize your brand. Put your pages on your website and give them ways to contact...