Do you ever wonder how to integrate your faith, purpose, and success in the business world? In this episode of Seek Go Create, we dive into an insightful conversation with Brett Johnson, a seasoned marketplace veteran and innovator, as he shares his journey of merging the spiritual and the practical in business. Join us as Brett reveals the importance of standing firm, the concept of success as a consequence of obedience, and his mission to inspire societal transformation through purpose-driven businesses. If you're seeking practical wisdom on integrating faith and success in the marketplace, this episode is a must-listen!

"Boldness is not shrinking back in times of change and pressure." - Brett Johnson

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About Our Guest:

Brett Johnson is a seasoned marketplace veteran, thought leader, and innovator with a focus on redefining the purpose of businesses beyond the bottom line. His work involves guiding corporations toward a greater purpose, repurposing businesses, and seeking to bring about societal transformation. With a passion for abolishing dichotomy, integrating different types of capital, and inspiring multigenerational households, Brett is dedicated to unlocking everyday people and mobilizing marketplace individuals to create a positive societal impact.

Reasons to Listen:

1. Gain insight into balancing career, mission work, and church responsibilities, and discover the link between success and obedience from a seasoned marketplace veteran.

2. Explore the challenges of integrating faith and business, and learn about the cultural differences and challenges faced by pastors with side hustles in different countries.

3. Discover practical advice on identifying personal success, the importance of purpose in business, and the impact of societal transformation from a thought leader redefining the purpose of businesses.

Episode Resources & Action Steps:

Website: - Provides resources, podcasts, and classes focused on kingdom business principles.

Action Steps:

1. Embrace an Eternal Mindset: Seek to understand and cultivate an eternal perspective rather than focusing solely on short-term gains or success. Identify and implement daily assignments within the kingdom of God, aligning actions with eternal purpose.

2. Pursue Learning and Community: Engage in continuous education to understand God's business model and principles. Seek like-minded community support for encouragement, accountability, and knowledge sharing in integrating faith and business.

3. Mobilize Truth: Be prepared to act and engage with the world rather than passively observing from a distance. Focus on deploying truth in daily practices and embrace a call to be proactive in spreading positive societal impact.

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Key Lessons:

1. Success is a consequence of obedience, not a pursuit - Brett Johnson emphasizes the importance of serving the people God wants, regardless...