Unapologetically Authentic: Jean Tien's Journey to Redefine Success

Seek Go Create

Jan 8 2024 β€’ 58 mins

Are you on the traditional path to success but feeling unsatisfied? Do you find yourself striving for external validation, only to realize that true fulfillment eludes you? In this episode of Seek Go Create, Jean Tien shares her transformative journey from corporate burnout to redefining success on her own terms. Join Tim Winders as he delves into Jean's insightful approach to challenging societal norms, seeking authenticity, and finding true fulfillment in the workplace and beyond. If you're ready to shift your mindset and create your own definition of success, this episode is a must-listen.

"Internal fulfillment trumps external success any day." - Jean Tien

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About Our Guest:

Jean Tien is a corporate professional, coach, and creator of the SUCCESS method. Her journey from navigating the challenges of the corporate world to redefining success on her own terms has led her to guide others in finding fulfillment and authenticity in their professional lives. Through her podcast and coaching, Jean empowers individuals to prioritize self-credence and redefine their metrics of success in alignment with their personal values.

Reasons to Listen:

1. Gain insights on redefining success in your career by prioritizing self-validation over external expectations.

2. Discover the transformative "SUCCESS" method, designed to empower individuals to define and create their own success story.

3. Explore the challenges and benefits of diversifying your approach to success in the corporate world through personal experiences and practical advice.

Episode Resources & Action Steps:


1. Jean Tien's Website: Visit Jean Tien's website for coaching and resources related to redefining success and authenticity in professional life.

2. Being Unapologetically Authentic with Jean Tien podcast.

Action Steps:

1. Define Your Success: Take time to reflect and define your own metrics of success, not solely based on societal expectations. Consider what truly fulfills you and align your goals accordingly.

2. Seek Third-Party Perspective: Seek out a reliable coach or mentor to gain a fresh perspective on your career endeavors and personal growth. Embrace the value of seeking help and advice from trusted sources.

3. Stay True to Your Values: Identify and stay committed to your core values amidst societal pressures and external influences. Embrace the courage to prioritize personal joy and authenticity through your journey to success.

These resources and action steps provide practical avenues for listeners to navigate their professional journeys with authenticity and redefine success on their own terms.

Resources for Leaders from Tim Winders & SGC:

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Key Lessons:

1. Redefine success on your own terms: Jean Tien's journey highlights the importance of defining success based on personal values and fulfillment rather than...