Ever wondered how premium firewood and innovative leadership could redefine an entire industry? Join us in this captivating episode of **Seek Go Create - The Leadership Journey** as Tim Winders sits down with Leroy Hite, the visionary behind Cutting Edge Firewood. Discover how Leroy's unique delivery system, high-standard products, and faith-driven entrepreneurship are transforming the firewood market into an unparalleled premium experience. Listen in to explore leadership, innovation, and the power of passion in shaping a groundbreaking business.

"We reinvented the firewood industry by raising the bar on quality and delivery." - Leroy Hite

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About Our Guest:

Leroy Hite is the CEO and founder of Cutting Edge Firewood, a company that has redefined the firewood industry with its premium products and innovative delivery solutions. From financing his business with personal loans and maxing out multiple credit cards, to creating a patented delivery rack that streamlined operations, Leroy's entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to quality have driven substantial growth and success. His leadership style emphasizes passion and perseverance, and his faith-based foundation guides both his personal and professional life. Leroy has also diversified his offerings to include premium cooking woods and innovative products like thermoelectric fire pits, establishing Cutting Edge Firewood as a leader in the market.

Reasons to Listen:

1. **Innovative Business Practices**: Discover how Cutting Edge Firewood revolutionized the firewood industry with a patented delivery system and premium product standards, leading to significant growth and a nationwide customer base.

2. **Passionate Leadership**: Learn from Leroy Hite’s leadership style that balances passion with perseverance, emphasizing the importance of taking time off for creativity and well-being, and hear his journey from unconventional financing to industry success.

3. **Faith-Driven Success**: Be inspired by how Leroy Hite's strong faith and entrepreneurial spirit guided him from working at Enterprise and Georgia Pacific to founding a thriving, disruptive business that values both quality and meaningful, analog experiences.

Episode Resources & Action Steps:

### Resources Mentioned:

1. **Cutting Edge Firewood Website**

- Listeners are encouraged to visit the company’s website to explore their premium firewood products, cooking wood, and new fire pit products. [Cutting Edge Firewood](https://www.cuttingedgefirewood.com)

2. **LinkedIn**

- Tim Winders invites listeners to connect with Leroy Hite on LinkedIn for more insights into his entrepreneurial journey and business innovations. [Leroy Hite on LinkedIn](https://www.linkedin.com/in/leroyhite)

3. **Books & Masterclass**

- "Fire Nights" book by Burke Atkerson

- A MasterClass on fire by Aaron Franklin

### Action Steps:

1. **Implement Quality Standards in Your Business**

- Just as Leroy Hite emphasizes the importance of high-quality products and services, identify areas in your business where you can elevate the quality standards to differentiate from competitors.

2. **Take Time for Rest and Reflection**

- Inspired by Hite’s commitment to taking a Sabbath or sabbatical, set aside regular time each week to disconnect from work, reflect and recharge. This can increase creativity and productivity in your personal and professional life.