Seek, Find, and Build Your Connection with God with Bart Christian

Seek Go Create

Oct 24 2022 • 1 hr 4 mins

Throughout life, you might find yourself drifting, caught up in the noise and divisions of the world. Too often, people disconnect from others and aren’t fully in the presence of God. However, you might realize that while you’re still struggling, God has always walked alongside you. You were never isolated and never alone. All you have to do is seek connection and take your time to listen and build your connection with God and others.

The value of finding time with God is what Bart Christian learned and what he shares as a returning guest of Seek Go Create. Bart and Tim discuss Bart's newest book, Eager for the Master, which dives into what we need to do to build our connection with God. He also talks about his experience writing his book and the inspiration behind the lessons he wants to share. From surviving the pandemic to the little thing his dog does, Bart's insight can help you on your journey.

Find what you're seeking, whether connection, inspiration, or a deeper connection with God, when you listen in on this episode of Seek Go Create.

3 Reasons to Listen:

  1. Shhh… find out why quiet time is essential in today's noisy world.
  2. Learn how you can grow your faith and deepen your connection God.
  3. What can you learn from watching your dog? Find out from Bart and Tim’s conversation.


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