Master Your Morning, Master Your Life: Gail Root's Guide to Cultivating Intimacy with God

Seek Go Create

Dec 4 2023 β€’ 59 mins

Are you a woman who wants to build wealth in a way that aligns with your faith and purpose? Or maybe you're a man who wants to better understand the challenges women face in their pursuit of success? In this episode of Seek Go Create, host Tim Winders sits down with Gail Root, a kingdom-minded coach empowering women to embrace their role as wealth builders. Join them as they discuss the journey of pursuing righteous wealth, the importance of seeking God first, and practical steps for both personal and professional growth. Are you ready to discover how to build wealth in a way that honors your values? Tune in now!

""Seek God first in both personal and professional aspects of life - the impact is transformative." - Gail Root

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About Our Guest:

Gail Root is a seasoned entrepreneur turned kingdom-minded coach, empowering women to align their work with divine purpose. With a focus on building businesses on kingdom values and biblical principles, Gail helps women shift from self-idolatry to Jesus-centered success. Her profound understanding of personal revival and navigating the unique challenges faced by women makes her a sought-after speaker and mentor. Gail's passion for empowering women to embrace their role as wealth builders and her commitment to spiritual growth have inspired countless individuals to pursue righteous wealth.

Reasons to Listen:

1. Discover the keys to building righteous wealth and how women can embrace their role as wealth builders in today's world.

2. Gain insights into the challenges women face in balancing success, faith, and family, and learn practical strategies to navigate these areas with grace and purpose.

3. Explore how a structured morning routine can transform your spiritual growth and lead to greater intimacy with God, with a 6-step system that can revolutionize your life.

Episode Resources & Action Steps:

Resources mentioned:

1. Gail Root's book "Master Your Morning and Change Everything" available on Amazon.

2. Gail's website:

3. Gail's podcast: "Kingdom Dream Chasers"

Action steps:

1. Implement the 6-step system for spiritual growth discussed in the episode: surrender, scripture, vision, reading, journaling, and calendar.

2. Start each day by seeking God first and prioritizing spiritual disciplines before engaging with distractions of the world.

3. Embrace a mindset shift towards working from a place of rest and leading from integrity, aligning with kingdom values in personal and professional pursuits.

Resources for Leaders from Tim Winders & SGC:

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Key Lessons:

1. Embrace the Role of Wealth Building: Gail Root emphasizes the importance for women to embrace their role as wealth...