Systemizing Growth: Helping Businesses Scale and Thrive with Josh Fonger

Seek Go Create

Sep 18 2023 • 58 mins

Have you ever heard these myths about implementing systems and processes for greater efficiency? Myth 1: It's too time-consuming and complicated. Myth 2: It stifles creativity and innovation. Myth 3: It's only for large organizations. In this episode, our guest Josh Fonger will debunk these myths and reveal the truth about the importance of implementing systems and processes for greater efficiency.

"Without knowing what the bullseye is, you don't know whether it's working for you or not. You need to set a standard and define what success looks like, so you can determine if your systems are helping you get there or not." - Josh Fonger

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About Our Guest:

Meet Josh Fonger - a dynamic force in the world of business performance architecture. Known for his innovative approach to simplifying and systemising processes, Josh helps business owners unlock remarkable growth. With rich experience across more than 300 industries, he has guided over 1,000 clients to overcome the chaos of daily operations, particularly when time, resources and money have reached a critical point. His Christian faith imbues his approach with integrity and purpose, serving as a reminder that order can indeed be birthed from chaos.

Reasons to Listen:

  • Identify tactics to maximizing individual and business productivity through effective time management strategies.
  • Discover the crucial role of implementing systems and processes for achieving maximum efficiency.
  • Realize the value of delegation in magnifying productivity and leveraging one's strengths.
  • Understand the importance of prioritization in accomplishing successful time management.
  • Recognize the benefits of creating white space and stillness for overall wellbeing.

Episode Highlights:

00:00:00 - The Visionary Leader,

The conversation starts with discussing the role of a visionary leader in a company. It is suggested that when the visionary is not constantly present in the office, the company can actually grow more because they disrupt things less and the machine runs better with fewer adjustments.

00:08:04 - The Type of Work,

Josh Fonger explains that his work as a consultant and coach is not specific to any particular industry. He helps leaders, business owners, and organizational leaders who have maxed out on their time, resources, and money. His focus is on helping them systemize their business for growth.

00:09:54 - Working with Different Organizations,

While Josh Fonger mainly works with smaller companies, he also assists larger organizations in fine-tuning their structures and managing their systems. The trigger point for seeking his help is often when key employees leave, or there are significant changes such as divorce or death in a family business.

00:12:05 - Preferred Client Size,

While Josh Fonger prefers to work with the leader or head of an organization, he doesn't turn down clients based on size. However, he acknowledges that the implementation process may vary depending on the stage and size of the company.

00:23:45 - The Importance of Systems,

Josh Fonger highlights the significance of systems in business and how they allow organizations to scale and grow. He emphasizes that systems help eliminate chaos, reduce stress, and enable businesses to function smoothly even when

00:14:33 - The Tension Between Visionaries and Systematizers,

This chapter explores the tension between visionaries and systematizers in a business setting. Visionaries thrive on new ideas and lack of structure, while systematizers love checklists and organization. The challenge lies in finding a balance between the two and allowing each person to play their role...