Integrating Faith and Work: Unlocking the Power of Working Biblically with Kevin Brownlee

Seek Go Create

Dec 11 2023 • 1 hr 2 mins

Do you ever feel like there's a separation between your faith and your work? Like there are rules and expectations that prevent you from bringing your spirituality into the workplace? In this episode of Seek Go Create, host Tim Winders sits down with Kevin Brownlee, a man who believes that integrating faith and work is not only possible but essential for a fulfilling and purpose-driven career. From encountering tough guys on construction sites to praying for colleagues, Kevin shares his experiences and teachings on how to bring glory to God in every aspect of our lives. Get ready to be inspired and challenged to rethink the way you approach your job. Tune in now to find out why "Your Glorious Endeavor" begins where work meets faith.

""Be a beacon of hope in your workplace. Let your actions and attitude draw people to ask about your faith." - Kevin Brownlee

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About Our Guest:

Kevin Brownlee is a seasoned Christian with nearly 58 years of faith experience. Throughout his career as an oil-field welder and construction superintendent, he has witnessed the challenges and joys of integrating spirituality into the workplace. Kevin firmly believes that there should be no separation between faith and work, and that by living according to biblical principles, one can bring hope, grace, and peace to any job. Drawing on his own experiences and teachings, Kevin now helps others integrate their faith into their work through his podcast, books, seminars, and RV-related services. With a passion for bringing glory to God in all aspects of life, Kevin empowers individuals to find purpose and fulfillment in their careers while making a meaningful impact on others.

Reasons to Listen:

1. Gain insight into integrating faith and work: This episode explores the challenges and misconceptions people face in bringing their faith into their work environments. Hear firsthand from Kevin Brownlee about the importance of integrating spirituality and work for a stronger and more enjoyable work experience.

2. Discover how to make your job a ministry: Kevin Brownlee shares his personal journey of transforming his perspective on work, from feeling trapped and burned out to seeing his job as an opportunity to serve and minister to others. Learn practical tips on how to make your own job a ministry for Christ.

3. Find inspiration to pursue your passions: Hear Kevin Brownlee's story of realizing his passion for working on RVs and how that led him to find joy and fulfillment in his work. Be encouraged to explore your own passions and align your work with God's purpose for your life.

4. Learn biblical principles for success in work: This episode delves into the biblical teachings of work and offers practical advice on how to bring glory to God in your daily tasks. Discover how to work biblically, have a great attitude, and make a positive impact in your workplace.

5. Gain access to valuable resources and seminars: Kevin Brownlee provides a wealth of resources, including his book "Your Glorious Endeavor" and his BlueJeans Christian podcast. Additionally, he offers seminars and teachings on integrating faith and work, discovering your mission, and discerning God's purpose in your business endeavors. Don't miss out on the opportunity to learn from Kevin's valuable insights and guidance.

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