Why Being People-Centric is the Future with Manish Bundhun

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1w ago • 1 hr 3 mins

What are you doing to meet the future?

Every generation brings a new perspective on work, life, and success — more so when the times are riddled with crises. 2008 had an economic recession; 2020 had the pandemic. The solution to tomorrow’s problems, according to Manish Bundhun, is being people-centric.

In this episode, I talk to Manish Bundhun — author, business leader, and corporate monk. Manish Bundhun brings his expertise in Human Resources to the table. We discuss what a business or individual needs to be successful in today's work landscape. Join us as we talk about how to learn from our experiences, examine generational differences, shape a people-centric culture, and what it means to be agile.

Are you seeking to thrive in all your goals? It's time to be people-centric rather than focused on efficiency. Tune in and learn how and why people-centric companies are the future.

3 Reasons to Listen:

  1. Learn how to shape culture in yourself or an organization.
  2. Understand why everyone is a leader — and who they’re leading.
  3. Find out how to maximize your time and effort in everything you do.


About Manish

Manish Bundhun is a business leader and corporate monk focusing on Human Resources, coaching, strategy, and leadership. He has over eighteen years of experience in Human Resources and is currently the Chief People Executive at the Rogers Group. Manish is no stranger to diversity, having covered more than 5000 employees across over a dozen countries in multiple business sectors.

Manish makes it his personal mission to be a catalyst for positive change and transformation in people. He leads from the heart with a clear mind, challenging his followers to find the answers within themselves to grow and be all they were created to be.

Connect with him on LinkedIn. To find more content by Manish, search for the #shotsofinsights hashtag!

Episode Highlights

[01:56] About Manish Bundhun

  • Manish helps people excel, grow, and thrive in whatever they do — especially in their work.
  • Human Resources, coaching, and change are Manish’s specialties.
  • Manish comes from Mauritius, which boasts a diverse range of peoples and cultures within it.
  • He works for the Rogers Group, a company that’s been running for more than a hundred years. It’s a diverse group with multiple interests across over a dozen countries.

[10:42] The Changing Landscape of What Workers Want

  • People awoke to a greater sense of purpose due to the mass-scale concerns regarding safety, security, and health.
  • Employees today want to find meaning in their work, and businesses today have had to adapt to that need.
  • The 2008 recession pushed companies to decrease costs, but the 2020 pandemic was an economic, health, and social crisis.
  • Cross-generational management is more of a challenge, as every generation has different needs driving them. Today's generations are more people-centric.
  • According to Manish, the old goal of...