Filter the Good From the Bad to Grow with Joel Green

Seek Go Create

Oct 17 2022 • 1 hr 5 mins

Life is full of ups and downs, good moments and bad, pros and cons. Unfortunately, many people are limited and held down by their negative experiences and perspectives. However, you'll find that it's not all bad — it’s possible to grow even in difficult times. Even when it feels overwhelmingly negative, you'll be surprised by what you can gain when you take the time to filter out the good from the bad!

Tune in to this episode of Seek Go Create and find out how Joel Green squeezes every last drop of good from his biggest struggles. A former professional basketball player and now CEO, motivational speaker, and author, Joel shares the stories that inspired Filtering. He gives insights into his book and pushes you to go beyond. Be the best version of yourself.

See the world from a new perspective and learn with Joel Green when you listen to this episode!

3 Reasons to Listen:

  1. Learn more about the cause and effect of various forms of discrimination.
  2. Listen and learn from Joel's story of growing up with a chip on his shoulder weighing him down.
  3. Find out how you can filter what seems negative into inspiration to grow and become better.


About Joel

Joel Green is a former professional basketball player, National Director of Nike Sports Camps, motivational speaker, and author. He’s the CEO and founder of Pro Level Training and pursues his passion to help players grow physically and mentally. He provides training that develops necessary sports skills and the mentality and mindset to be their best selves.