Have you ever felt trapped between the identity you've built and the spiritual call you're struggling to follow? In this poignant episode of Seek Go Create, host Tim Winders sits down with Ron Cool, host of "New Path, New You," to explore the transformative journey from successful entrepreneur to a life of true surrender to faith. Dive deep into real, raw stories of struggle, revelation, and the power of seeking God first in every aspect of life. Tune in for an inspiring dialogue that could challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and into a renewed sense of purpose. Don't miss this episode, where vulnerability meets victory on the path of spiritual leadership.

"The journey of surrendering is not about giving up, but about growing up into the person God designed you to be." - Ron Cool

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About Our Guest:

Ron Cool is a spiritual mentor and podcast host who leads by example, inspiring men to embrace faith and purpose in all facets of life. With a poignant personal history as a driven entrepreneur, Ron faced a pivotal identity shift that led him to prioritize his relationship with God and his family. His podcast, "New Path, New You," is a testament to his commitment, offering raw and meaningful conversations aimed at guiding men—and resonating deeply with women—on their spiritual journeys. Ron's story is characterized by surrender, obedience, and transformation, showcasing his dedication to helping men evolve into spiritual leaders for their families and communities while walking a path of faith and self-forgiveness.

Reasons to Listen:

1. Discover the transformative power of faith: Learn how Ron Cool's journey of surrender and obedience to God reshaped his personal and professional life, offering valuable insights for anyone seeking purpose and guidance.

2. Engage with raw, relatable stories: Ron's candid sharing of his struggles and victories provides a real-life testament to the struggles men face in balancing ambition with spiritual growth, resonating with listeners from all walks of life.

3. Gain practical advice on spiritual leadership: Uncover Ron's mission to help men become impactful spiritual leaders in their families and communities, and draw inspiration from the practical steps and experiences shared to strengthen your own faith and relationships.

Episode Resources & Action Steps:

**Resources Mentioned:**

1. "New Path, New You" podcast by Ron Cool – A podcast where Ron Cool assists men on their spiritual journey, available on various platforms.

2. "The Chosen" TV show – Mentioned by Ron Cool as influential in his spiritual understanding and growth.

**Action Steps:**

1. Spend scheduled time in prayer and reflection to prioritize your relationship with God, akin to how one would prioritize a committed marriage relationship.

2. Practice surrender by identifying areas of your life where you are resisting giving up control and consciously decide to trust in God's provision and plan in those aspects.

3. Listen and be open to God’s messages, whether through scripture, prayer, or community; evaluate the decisions and directions they suggest in your life to ensure they align with your spiritual values.

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