The Foundation of Faith-Driven Leadership: Who Jesus Was and What He Stood For

Seek Go Create

May 29 2023 • 28 mins

Are you tired of feeling like your leadership strategies aren't making a lasting impact on your team? Have you been told to simply develop faith-driven leadership without any clear guidance on how to do so? It's time to ditch ineffective advice and join us for an episode where you'll learn tangible ways to cherish your team, embody compassion and courage, invest in others, and seek divine guidance for true long-term success. Don't settle for mediocre leadership - level up with our expert insights.

Discover the impactful leadership lessons from the life of Jesus Christ, as a faith-driven leader learns to love, care, protect, guide, and be patient with those they lead.

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We must love and care for those that we are stewards over, that we have been given the responsibility for.- Tim Winders

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Reasons to Listen:

  • Deepen bonds with those you lead by dedicating time to nurture connections.
  • Utilize courage and empathy to embody a faith-driven leadership style.
  • Create a lasting impact through investing in and nurturing the growth of others.
  • Enhance leadership effectiveness with focused time allocations and forward-thinking methods.
  • Seek divine guidance and embrace a humble attitude in your leadership journey.

Episode Highlights:

00:00:00 - Introduction,

Tim Winders introduces the topic of the podcast, which is about how faith can transform leadership, and how we can learn from the life of Jesus Christ to become better faith-driven leaders.

00:03:14 - Jesus as a Model Leader,

Tim explains why Jesus is a great example of a leader, regardless of one's faith. He emphasizes the impact that Jesus had on the world and how he interacted with three groups of people - the sheep, the wolves, and the disciples.

00:08:02 - Stewardship vs Ownership,

Tim talks about how Jesus was a steward, not an owner, and why this is an important concept for leaders. He highlights the responsibility that comes with stewardship and the need to take care of what has been entrusted to you.

00:13:03 - Lessons from the Life of Jesus,

Tim presents twelve lessons that we can learn from the life of Jesus to become better leaders. These lessons include the importance of loving and caring for those you lead, speaking hard truths when necessary, spending quality time with those you lead, and leading by example.

00:16:32 - The Humanity of Jesus' Leadership,

Jesus took time to patiently answer questions and spent time around his disciples. He led by example, showing us the importance of spending time, being patient, and understanding the needs of those we lead.

00:18:25 - Effective Communication,

Jesus used various communication methods, like parables, stories, and questions, to effectively communicate with different audiences. He emphasized the importance of clear communication and checking for understanding.

00:20:43 - Humility and Peace,

Jesus showed humility and avoided seeking personal glory or recognition. He worked to bring peace to situations and protect those he led. Faith-driven leadership requires both compassion and courage.

00:25:39 - Investing in Others,

Jesus invested in and developed his disciples, recognizing their vital role in continuing his work. Faith-driven leadership is about investing in and empowering others to continue the work of faith in the world. Think beyond individual success and impact beyond just the present time.

00:27:41 - Final Message,

Tim Winders shares his...