Celebrating 200 Episodes: A Special Look Into Being a Podcaster

Seek Go Create

Mar 27 2023 • 45 mins

In 2019, Seek Go Create released its very first episode with our host, Tim Winders. More than three years later, Seek Go Create celebrates its 200th episode! It has been 200 insightful episodes of being a podcaster and redefining success in leadership, business, and ministry.

In this celebratory episode, Tim and his wife, Glori, do something different. Our host, Tim, finds himself on the other side of the mic! Glori asks him questions about their journey so far. He shares what he learned from being a podcaster and how Seek Go Create continues to change their lives. Tim talks about the moments in the podcast close to his heart and gives a peek into what lies ahead for the show.

Tune in to this special episode and celebrate Tim's 200 episodes of being a podcaster with us!

3 Reasons to Listen:

  1. Learn how Seek Go Create changed Tim and Glori's lives.
  2. Have some things you want to share with the world like Tim? Hear some great tips for being a podcaster!
  3. Get a sneak peek into what’s in store for the future of Seek Go Create.


Episode Highlights

[02:04] Why Tim Started Seek Go Create