What does it truly mean to balance living in a modern world while being citizens of the kingdom of God? In this thought-provoking episode of Seek Go Create, guest Burke Atkerson opens up about his journey from traditional ministry to creating impactful connections through his Fire Nights movement. Join host Tim Winders as they delve into overcoming addiction, rebuilding trust, and redefining ministry beyond Sunday mornings. If you've ever struggled with finding your identity in a spiritual and secular world, this is an episode you won't want to miss!

"Ministry isn't confined to Sunday mornings; it's in every relationship and interaction we have." - Burke Atkerson

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About Our Guest:

Burke Atkerson is an accomplished entrepreneur, real estate investor, and soul care coach dedicated to transforming lives and relationships through deep, meaningful connections. With a rich background in missionary work, Burke leverages his unique experiences from South America to author the influential book "Fire Nights," a movement aimed at turning loneliness into brotherhood. His extensive journey through personal struggles and triumphs makes him a compelling advocate for mental health, spiritual growth, and the importance of creating safe spaces for men. Burke's work has garnered attention from therapists and individuals seeking profound change, making him a distinguished thought leader in ministry and personal development.

Reasons to Listen:

1. **In-Depth Spiritual Insights**: Discover how Burke Atkerson navigates the complex balance between living in the secular world and being a citizen of the Kingdom of God, providing practical and spiritual wisdom you can apply to your own life.

2. **Raw Personal Stories**: Hear powerful, personal experiences from Burke and Tim as they tackle challenging subjects like ego, addiction, and the healing process in their marriages, offering a candid look at overcoming life's hardest trials.

3. **Transformative Community Building**: Explore the concept of "Fire Nights," a unique movement that turns loneliness into brotherhood, and learn how gathering around a fire can create safe spaces and foster deep, meaningful connections among men.

Episode Resources & Action Steps:

### Resources Mentioned

1. **Book:** "Fire Nights" by Burke Atkerson

- This book emphasizes the importance of connection and community, specifically for men struggling with isolation and loneliness.

2. **Online Community:** Fire Nights

- An associated online community linked to "Fire Nights" where men can connect, share experiences, and find support for personal struggles.

### Action Steps

1. **Engage in Community Building:**

- Identify or create safe spaces where open and honest conversations can occur, much like the concept of gathering around a fire as discussed in "Fire Nights."

- Focus on fostering deep connections and brotherhood to combat isolation and loneliness.

2. **Prioritize Being Present:**

- Implement practices that help you stay fully present and aware in your daily interactions, whether with family, friends, or in professional settings.

- Consider mindfulness techniques or simple grounding practices to reconnect with the present moment.

3. **Reach Out for Support:**

- If you are struggling with addiction or personal issues, don't hesitate to reach out to supportive communities or seek professional help.

- Engage with resources like the Fire Knights community or consider reading materials that address mental health and connection,...