Building Profitable Teams, Empowering Others, and Scaling Real Estate Ventures with Jason Yarusi

Seek Go Create

Aug 7 2023 • 58 mins

In this episode of the Seek Go Create podcast, Jason Yarusi, a multifamily real estate investor and founder of Yarusi Holdings, provides valuable insights into the multifamily market and investment opportunities. Yarusi shares his experience and expertise, emphasizing the importance of self-discovery and aligning one's passions with their career path. He discusses the concept of finding one's why and overcoming fear to pursue personal growth and success. Yarusi also addresses common misconceptions about investing in real estate, encouraging listeners to take informed action rather than waiting for the perfect time. He offers valuable advice for passive investors interested in the multifamily sector, explaining the long-term commitment required and the importance of aligning investments with specific goals. Overall, this conversation offers valuable insights into the multifamily real estate market and inspires listeners to embrace personal growth and pursue a life aligned with their purpose.

"Seek what you want, go after what you need, and then create the outcome." - Jason Yarusi

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About Our Guest:

Jason Yarusi is a real estate whiz and proficient syndicator. Known for his collaborative work with the love of his life, Pili, Jason has lent his expertise to the formation of Yarusi Holdings. From humble beginnings, they've triumphantly grown their portfolio to an impressive count of over 2000 units since 2016. Chatting casually amid juggling responsibilities of a $300 million commercial real estate portfolio and a bustling household, Jason seamlessly integrates his roles as a devoted husband, father of three and philanthropist in all his ventures.

Reasons to Listen:

  • Delve into cunning strategies that can shape your real estate investment journey.
  • Learn about assembling a rock-solid team and its overall contribution towards real estate success.
  • Understand how constantly reassessing and remodelling your goals can lead to long-term accomplishments.
  • Gain insight into mitigating fear and embracing calculated risk-taking in the scope of real estate.
  • Gauge the distinctive advantages and vast opportunities in the multifamily real estate spectrum.

Episode Highlights:

00:00:00 - Starting with Two and Three Families,

Jason and his wife started investing in two and three-family homes instead of single-family homes, which worked well but was not scalable. They began looking for other options.

00:03:09 - Transitioning to Commercial Real Estate,

After helping Jason's father with his construction business, they realized they needed a way to regain control of their time. They started flipping homes and doing small rentals before discovering the potential of large multifamily buildings.

00:06:52 - Investing in Louisville, Kentucky,

Jason and his wife focused on the Louisville market, where they found B and C grade garden-style buildings with a high demand for workforce housing. They built a team in the area and purchased several hundred units.

00:09:38 - Relocating to Tennessee,

In 2020, Jason and his wife decided to leave New Jersey and moved to Murfreesboro, Tennessee. COVID-19 accelerated their timeline, and they saw it as an opportunity to explore new markets and have a fresh start.

00:10:06 - Making Change and Taking Action,

Sometimes external circumstances like COVID-19 give us the permission and motivation to make important changes. Jason emphasizes the importance of taking action and not just having a plan.

00:11:32 - Setting New Goals,

Jason discusses the importance of setting new goals that will benefit his family as they grow. He reflects on his past goal-setting strategies and how they have evolved...