Special Encore Presentation: Change Your Perspective, A Conversation with Kimberly Stewart

Stepping Stones to Everyday Success

Oct 14 2014 • 58 mins

Are you stuck in a routine? Is something out of sync and you are not sure what it is? Do you just want to spice it up a bit? Have you ever tried to change your perspective? In order to keep your edge, keep your competitive advantage, you have to understand what it is like on the other side. One way to do this is to be on the other side. Kimberly Stewart is doing just that on her radio show April 15th. Kimberly has invited a guest host, Carol Bossert, host of The Museum Life with Carol Bossert (Friday, 9 AM PT) on VoiceAmerica Business Channel, to be her host. Carol Bossert will discuss with Kimberly Stewart her journey, tips, and tidbits, and how she defines success everyday on Stepping Stones to Everyday Success. Join Kimberly Stewart and guest host Carol Bossert, to hear from Kimberly as she gains a new perspective. Stepping Stones to Everday Success, Tuesday, April 15th , 6PM ET (3PM PT).