Special Encore Presentation: How to Build a Marketing Technology Strategy

The Customer Edge with Game Changers, Presented by SAP

Mar 4 2015 • 57 mins

The buzz: Marketing Technology. Consumers are leading your business into a brave new world where they expect consistent and seamless engagement across all channels where they choose to find you. Beyond developing adaptive customer engagement strategies, smart marketers are realizing the need for an integrated marketing technology foundation. Do you have one yet? The experts speak. Michael Darviche, Bridge-22: “All roads lead to Rome… and there were times when it might have struck us that almost every branch of study or subject of conversation skirted forbidden ground.” (Henry James, Turn of the Screw) David Raab, Industry Analyst: “Dr. Conrad Zimsky: ‘Static discharges in the atmosphere will create superstorms with hundreds of lightning strikes per square mile.’ Dr. Josh Keyes: ‘After that it gets bad.’” (Film, The Core) Bernard Chung, SAP: “Marketing is too important to be left to the marketing department. (David Packard) Join us for How to Build a Marketing Technology Strategy.