The Digressor

Trevor Michael

I tend to ramble while talking, often digressing multiple times before (maybe) getting back to my original point. In this podcast, I will discuss random things that interest me or are on my mind.

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49) My Favourite Video Games
Jan 9 2022
1 hr 53 mins
49) My Favourite Video Games48) Christmas Eve 2021 (with Emery)47) My Favourite Soundtracks46) My Favourite AlbumsMinisode 4: Remaster vs Remake45) MCU Phase Two44) 9/1143) '90s Internet42. Update 341) Social Media & Cancel Culture40) E3 2021Minisode 3: Funky Food Combinations39) Asexuality38) Music Therapy37) Aliens & Area 51Minisode 2: Rocky36) My HealthMinisode 1: Season 335) Old SoundCloud Recordings34) Hindenburg