20. Sheryl Crow: Leading with Vulnerability!

Girl, Take the Lead!

Jun 9 2022 • 43 mins

Sheila Whitescorn, Intuitive Life Coach, rejoins Yo as guest co-host to discuss a recent Showtime special, Sheryl, which is a documentary about Sheryl Crow’s life. What we explore in depth is her fearlessness as a leader in so many domains. Sheila helps us see some of the emotions she dealt with and brings up in us. During this episode we explore the following questions:

· Who would Sheryl and others say she is?

· What social issues did Sheryl take on in her songwriting?

· How did she deal with success and pressures inherent in the music industry?

· What does she have to say about relationship and family?

· How does she see herself as a “Legacy” artist?

We’ll look at lyrics which have been “soundtracks to our lives” and some of the tunes we all love. We promise you’ll learn something new about this incredible artist.

We hope you’ll enjoy this episode! This episode is meant to build on the Atlas of the Heart series in episodes 15-17 that Sheila and Yo hosted, so please check those out if you haven’t already.

Here’s some links for sources mentioned in the episode:

Here’s the playlist for the songs we included:

  • All I Wanna Do
  • What I Can Do For You
  • Leaving Las Vegas
  • Strong Enough
  • Change Would Do You Good
  • Steve McQueen
  • Soak Up the Sun
  • My Favorite Mistake
  • Weather Channel
  • Forever
  • I Shall Believe

More about Sheila:

Following a successful 20-year career as a Marketing Communications expert with Fortune 500 companies, Sheila became a certified Intuitive Life Coach. She became certified by successfully completing a 12-month program with Atmana Coaching Academy which provided her with a dual credential in both Intuitive and Life coaching.

Sheila lights up when she is able to help her clients turn their stresses into resilience and assist them with their transformation into the life they desire. They learn how to recognize and tap into their intuition to align with their true purpose. As a result, they live a more fulfilling, authentic, soul-led life.

On a personal note, Sheila lives in the Bay Area with her husband and collie, Rowan.

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