The New Ford Mustang!?!? More on EV battery production and Motorsports attendance!

In Wheel Time Car Talk

Sep 29 2022 • 30 mins

One of the many fun things about the automotive industry is the constant change and the anticipation of those changes.  Every year there are new things, some of which we like and some not so much.
On this episode of In Wheel Time Car Talk, we take a closer look at the new Ford Mustang, the Pony car that started it all.  With more and more EVs coming out, there are more questions about batteries than there are answers.
Anyone been to any automotive races lately?  In person?  Looking at the live attendance numbers makes a person go hmmmmm...

In our Feature segment, Jeff Dziekan is looking at some of the unique Concept Cars that have been produced over the years....and there are way to many to include them all.
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