Looking for a camper to pull behind your RV? Colorado Teardrops might have the answer!

In Wheel Time Car Talk

Sep 30 2022 • 31 mins

The world of RVs really exploded when people figured out they could still get out and about during COVID.  A camper provided access out of the house and kept separation from others which is really what the great outdoors is about.  The only good thing to come of COVID is the revival of camping.
Now we are moving headlong into a world of EVs that currently have some 'range' issues, now adding on a camping trailer is not going to help....much.  Over in Colorado, there is a company called Colorado Teardrops that is taking a different approach to camping with an EV.  It is really such a simple idea that once you learn and understand what they are doing, it becomes an 'ah-ha' 'moment.
Join us as we talk with Dean Wiltshire, CEO of Colorado Teardrops for what could be some of the most interesting aspects of owning an EV.

In our Feature segment, it is Konrad's Car Clinic, and we talking about 'brake fluid' and why it needs to be changed.  Something many of us did not know, but should now and now will know.
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