Ep. 11: MiStories with Rex Roy, THE auto man

MiMoto Podcast

Oct 1 2020 • 1 hr 48 mins

We introduce the first of many episodes to come for the newly created "MiStories" series--talking to friends and people we know in the industry, hobbyists, enthusiasts and others who can't get enough of motors and wheels. Our first-ever guest, is friend, colleague and man of the auto world, Rex Roy, who has worked more than half of his life in the auto industry. From working with his dad at his agency back in the day to his seriously cool work with Jack Morton before COVID took his job too, join us as we learn more about his workings in the industry, his love of most anything on wheels, and what he's up to now. Lalita and Josh also share a strange run-in on Twitter and a serious case of wrong-identity oddly involving PornHub ... you'll just have to listen this week. | Hosted by Lalita Chemello and Josh Pohl | Music "Space 80s" by Illegot | Produced by Lalita Chemello |

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