Ep. 5: When the Mustang almost wasn't ...

MiMoto Podcast

Jun 10 2020 • 1 hr 59 mins

1980s Detroit: Ford takes a look at the ever-aging Mustang, the Fox-body Mustang, of which had been on the market for nearly a decade. Sales were dropping and a change was needed, including its possible eradication. The change Ford originally intended to make would have completely rerouted the future of the beloved American pony car. Special guest (former Editor and Publisher at Autoweek, with 34 years at the brand) and car enthusiast, Dutch Mandel gives a breadth of insight from his experience as the Japanese automaker beat writer for Autoweek at the time, in addition to a look at the climate of the foreign automakers making their way into American garages, and how Detroit, and the Midwest, were well, "handling it."

Hosted by: Lalita Chemello and Josh Pohl
Music: "Space 80s" by Illegot
Produced by: Lalita Chemello
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