How a Drug Gets Developed and Tested

Cancer ABCs From Surviving To Thriving - How to Thrive with Cancer

Jun 28 2018 • 30 mins

Joel T Nowak interviews Dr. Maryanne Sadar, who has developed a novel drug target, an investigational treatment, that is a first in class hormone therapy operating on the N Terminal Domain of the androgen receptor. The investigational treatment, Epi-506, is being tested on men with advanced, metastatic prostate cancer.

Dr. Sadar describes how the drug target was first identified then how it was tested in cell lines, then animals and now in humans. She also describes the process of having to form a new corporation, Essa, to raise the funds and the expertise to conduct the clinical trial.

Epi-506 is currently in a first in humans, phase I, dose escalation trial is being conducted in both Canada and the United States. Dr. Sadar also discusses how a man with castrate resistant prostate cancer could join the trial.

Dr. Sadar‘s career as a human cancer researcher began before there were many other women in cancer research. She shared some of her experiences being a female pioneer in medical and cancer research. She also shared her very personal reason in her decision-making process to become a cancer researcher.

Dr. Sadar ends the podcast on a positive and very upbeat message to all Cancer Thrivers.

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