New Orleans Music Producer Shane Norris Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer During Covid Shares His Journey with HIFU Treatment

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Jun 22 2021 • 26 mins

Joel Nowak and Shane Norris discuss his unusual Covid Pandemic Journey with a new prostate cancer diagnosis.  Shane, a well-respected music producer and gig worker, joined with other New Orleans artists to raise funds for out-of-work musicians.  As he began to create a fund raising vehicle he was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Shane shares the experience he had navigating the Covid pandemic as he searched for the prostate cancer treatment that he felt best suited his needs.  With financial support raised from a GO-Fund-Me project as well as help and guidance from a number of resources, including medical professionals, family and friends, Shane decided to become the first man in Louisiana to treat his prostate cancer with high intensity focused ultrasound – or HIFU.

Despite Shane having to learn about prostate cancer and potential treatments and their possible side effects, in the middle of a pandemic, he and his colleagues managed to raise and distribute $400,000 to out-of-work New Orleans artists.

Some Important Additional Information:
1-  High Intensity Focal Ultrasound (HIFU) currently has a CPT code, and is covered by Medicare, with a deductible. HIFU is also covered by some private insurance carriers for both initial treatment and as a salvage therapy.  Please check with your insurance carrier (Medicare and private carriers) to confirm your specific coverages.  With the CPT code urology practices can now submit claims to private insurers which are evaluated for reimbursement on a case by case basis.

2-  Shane's personal experience with side effects from his HIFU treatment does not guarantee that others having HIFU will have the same experience.  Following HIFU patients may be required to have a catheter inserted for 3 to 7 days.  The risk of having the more common side effects of urinary incontinence and sexual dysfunction seen in treating the entire gland are minimized due to HIFU's targeted nature of  tumor ablation.

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