NBA Basketball Superstar Grant Hill Discusses Racial Disparities in Prostate Cancer

Cancer ABCs From Surviving To Thriving - How to Thrive with Cancer

Jun 9 2022 • 27 mins

NBA superstar Grant Hill, also an Atlanta Hawks co-owner, and African American health advocate, has teamed up with  Dendreon to combat the prostate cancer racial disparities experienced by African American men.  He discusses, along with Cancer ABCs CEO Joel Nowak, how men, particularly African American men, can combat the disparities.

They focus on how a man can develop their own playbook to beat prostate cancer,  what role a man should play with his doctor and the importance of becoming an educated patient.

Mr. Hill shared a program he has started with Dendreon called Start Strong.  Start Strong (  is focused on raising awareness of the racial disparities in prostate cancer incidence and the importance of talking to your doctor about the best treatment options.

Please note that during the interview, Mr. Hill provided the wrong web address for the Start Strong Program.  The correct address is

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