Behind the beast that is SOCIAL MEDIA

Movement and Mimosas

Jul 13 2021 • 42 mins

Comparisonitis, filters, cyberbullying, FOMO - all largely fuelled by social media. So what happens when you sit on both sides of the fence - you’re an active user that experiences both the positives & negatives of Instagram, however you also contribute by posting content to a large following that could be felt in a good or bad way depending on who sees it?! This episode goes into detail about what it’s like to spend a lot of your time behind the beast that is social media.

Things We Mention -

  • How we met through a social media agency but became friends outside of this.
  • Our relationship with Instagram as both users and contributors.
  • The real problem with social media.
  • How we choose to share the less glamorous, more vulnerable parts of our lives and why we think it’s important to set healthy boundaries when it comes to our private lives

PLUS, get to know the both of us outside of our Instagram accounts.

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