234 Esther Gokhale - The Gokhale Method

The Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson

May 2 2022 • 35 mins

What if back-pain relief was just a few steps away? Esther Gokhale’s work with posture and movement finds that just changing the way you sit, stand, lie down, and walk can eliminate your back pain.
Esther grew up in India helping her mom treat orphaned babies and she studied biochemistry at college. Later, she became a licensed acupuncturist. So, when her own pain and herniated disc issues emerged, it motivated Esther to study how people move.
“There were some seeds already sown in my brain that ‘there's something going on with people who live close to the ground that makes sense and that works.’ And so, when this horrible thing happened to me, it resonated for me to study techniques that changed the way you use your body,” Esther says.
Esther developed and trademarked the Gokhale Method, an eight-step plan to adjust your back’s curvature and movement from an S or C-shaped curve to a J-shaped curve. Esther found this technique by studying the common thread between ancient cultures and today’s primal cultures:
“If you go to your museums and you look at the Greek statues, they're doing exactly what these Ubong guys are doing, they look the same. And so why would that be? Well, the simplest explanation is that it is natural. That's why they converge on the same form. And we in modern times have just lost our way.”



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