Steve Gorman & The KQ Morning Show

92 KQRS | Cumulus Media Minneapolis

Steve Gorman (founding member of the legendary Black Crowes) along with Brian Zepp bring a fresh take on life in the Twin Cities joined by Tony Lee and Candice Wheeler. Big guests, information, and a lot of fun with Minnesota’s Classic Rock - 92 KQRS. Sponsored by Davanni's Pizza & Hot Hoagies

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Our Editor's Take

The long-running KQ Morning Show is a humorous podcast with a little of everything. It's filled with current events, sports, music, movies, and eye-catching news. The morning drive-time radio program is one of America's top-ranked morning shows. The Minnesota-based show thrills, informs, and entertains. Former Black Crowes band member Steve Gorman leads the new era of hosts.

In 2022, Steve stepped in as host after Tom Barnard left the show. Tom served as host from when the radio show debuted in 1986 until his departure. Black Crowes' drummer and musician Steve brings self-assured suaveness to the show. He brings a different persona and style to the podcast. Steve presents a funny and energetic show alongside cohosts Candice Wheeler, Brian Zepp, and Tony Lee. They are the current KQ Morning Show crew.

Some episodes of the podcast feature interviews with wide-ranging guests. Johnny Marr of The Smiths joins the hosts in one episode. Another episode features Amy Price, onetime general manager of the Cecil Hotel. They discuss the myths and truths around the infamous Los Angeles hotel. The conversation is informative and filled with many hilarious moments.

Guest or no guest, the podcast hosts deliver first-class comedy. These range from funny one-liners to hilarious, unsolicited opinions on pop culture news. Fascinating trivia often comes up in discussions. Steve shares how Neil Young titled his song "Keep On Rocking" in one episode. The story involved the late '80s Russian ballet, a conman, and an optimistic guitarist.

In that same episode, the crew discusses a popular saying about working in one's area of passion. Steve shares how he hated his "dream job" at a record store two months in. Another host discusses how he wanted to work at a ski lodge but realized it wasn't all rainbows. The conversation heralds a hilarious episode. The updated KQ Morning Show continues to offer the entertainment fans have come to expect.

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