Serious Play - Nancy Beers

Scrum Facilitators Community podcast

Jun 7 2022 • 36 mins

In the renewed Scrum Facilitators community podcast we talk about Scrum with practitioners in the community.

In this episode Jasper Alblas talks to Nancy Beers. Nancy is international speaker about play in business and gamification. She is owner of Happy Game Changer and is organizer of Play in Business to which you can win a ticket just by listening to this podcast!

Nancy is also Happy Scrum Master working with teams and organisations.

In this episode we talk about why it is important to incorporate playfulness in your daily life and your business. We talk about resistance and how to act as a facilitator to overcome challenges.

Do you want three tips how to start out with more play in business in your teams as a Scrum Master? Listen to this podcast!

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