Ep 47: Power - Jing, Self Reliance, False Idols, the Golden Rule, and the Essence of Life

Future Chi

Feb 28 2024 • 1 hr 1 min

Welcome to Future Chi, where once again we’re broadcasting from a log cabin, on a nature preserve, somewhere in the hills of Queensland, Australia. Off the bat this leads to a reflection on living in isolation, living free of critique, and how to break through the sheath that surrounds our true selves. This reflection on self reliance leads Jost and Leon to get into the topic of true power; where it comes from, how to cultivate it, and how to tell the difference between imitation and authenticity.

Jost discusses our vital essence - or ’Jing’ - in Chinese medicine and its critical role in the foundation of life itself; from fertility, energy, and longevity, to its impact on our impulses and sex drive. Jost also talks about the 3 stages of spiritual practice (and their correlating dimensions), the 5 elements, the 12 meridians, and how this relates to the pyramids, DaVinci’s Vitriuvian Man, Chinese Medicine, gold, and Alexander Shulgin (the godfather of Ecstasy). Leon talks about working things out internally before expressing them externally, the dangers of asking focus groups for advice, and how the open-ended loop of mass manufacturing is a slippery slope into downcycling. He also talks about the emptiness of trying to obtain power by proxy instead of doing the hard work.

Jost and Leon wonder if our physical reality just a prototype, if the Spiritual Hierarchy is considering discontinuing this model, and if so, what comes next? They chat about Elvis, Stalin, and what happens when you're surrounded by yes men, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, global unrest, and cryptocurrency. They also call bullsh*t on the ‘junk DNA’ theory and expose the lack of real power possessed by the ruling class.

Jost and Leon both share their experiences of the last few years and acknowledge all the reasons to be angry, but emphasise the need to ‘hang up the phone’ and move forward. They also discuss the importance of mourning the loss of the old world and allowing grief to take us to a new starting point; discovering our own power. If you have internal power you will always see a solution, you always have options, and you always know what to do. The people trying to manipulate us want us stupid, weak, and unhealthy, but their power is built on false foundations. It’s time to take the power back by taking charge of ourselves and becoming active participants in forging the future.

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