Big Dreams, Small Town: Molly Rogers' Epic Music Career

Orchestrated: A Music Podcast

Apr 19 2024 • 1 hr 16 mins

What do Hans Zimmer, Billie Eilish, Game of Thrones, and Kendrick Lamar have in common? They’ve all worked with Molly Rogers. Over the last decade or so, Molly has proven to be somewhat of a juggernaut in the music world. Armed with her violin, viola, and voice, she’s been featured on a staggering list of major Hollywood film scores, video games, albums and stages around the world. But it hasn’t always been that way.

Growing up in a funeral home in Frankfurt, Kentucky, Molly discovered the complexities of grief and human emotion at a young age, and she turned to music to help her process it all. Starting violin lessons at the age of 4, she found a creative outlet that would shape the trajectory of the rest of her life. So in this episode Molly sits down with the Orchestrated crew to share her journey from a small Kentucky town to massive studios and stages around the world, and offers her unique insights on the importance of staying in touch with your love for music, no matter how big your career gets.

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00:00 Preview

00:34 Introducing Molly

03:26 Molly’s Ridiculous Resume

06:25 Growing up in a funeral home

07:53 Starting young

11:24 Getting serious about music

19:47 The “Prodigy” myth

29:25 Moving to Hollywood

33:55 Making a name & finding community

38:27 The turning point

43:48 Lessons from the early days

48:01 Recording vs Performing

52:41 The challenges of success

01:00:29 The career of Molly’s dreams

01:10:04 Looking forward/Orchid Quartet

01:15:43 Outro